Knitted Infant Work Socks

For the newborn

Materials:1 Oz. baby yarn white

small amt. of pink, blue, or yellow

#1 standard knitting needles

1 1/2″= 16 rows in ribbing

1 1/4″=14 rows in stockinette stitch



ST(s)= stitches


CO=cast on

SS=stockinette Stitch

CC=contrasting color


Psso=pass slip st over



CO 42 sts.

K in ribbing of K1,P1, for 1 1/2 “.

K in SS for 1 1/4″

K 2 together at beginning and end of each of the next 2 knit rows.

On next Knit row, join CC for heel and K 10 sts.

Leave remaining sts on needle, turn and P back over these sts. K in SS st. for 10 more rows.

K 2 tog at outer edge (seam) edge, in each of the next 6 K rows. There will be 4sts left on needle.

Turn, drop color and join white again.

K across 4 sts, pick up 11 (15) sts along inside edge of heel. K across remainder of sts on needle.

Turn, with CC, P 10 sts and work as for other side of heel.

With white,P 4 sts, pick up 11 sts along side of heel.

P across remainder of sts.

INSTEP:  K 12, K 2 tog, K 20, Sl 1 st, K1 st, PSSO, K 12, turn

P across each st,

K11.K 2 tog, K 20, Sl 1 st, K 1 st, PSSO.

K 11, turn and P across each St.

K 10, K 2 together, K 20, sl 1, K 1,PSSO,

K 10, turn, P, across each st.

Continuein this manner  until there are 6 decrease rows.

K in SS st for 11 rows.

Drop white

Toe: with CC color, K 8, K 2 together,Sl 1, K 1,PSSO, K 12, K 2 tog, Sl 1,K1, PSSO,K 8,turn, P across row.

 K 7, K 2 tog.Sl 1, K1, PSSO,K 10, K 2 tog, Sl 1, K 1, PSSO, K 7,turn P across row;

K 6 K 2 tog, Sl 1,K1, PSSO,K 8, K 2 tog. Sl 1,K 1, PSSO k 6.

Continue decreasing in same manner, until there are 5 rows of decreases. Turn and P across each st.

Fasten off colored yarn leaving end long enough to sew seam of toe, pull yarn through sts on needle and draw into a tight circle fasten securely,

Using colored yarn sew toe seam. Join remaining seam in color to correspond with sts being worked over.


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