The Garden Beyond


The Garden Beyond

I pictured a garden that I would create.

A garden without a garden gate.

I pictured a garden against a cottage, white

A garden full of God’s pure light.

The garden would be full of flowers all pink, A few lavender, and white ones distinct .

The garden would be be ours in God’s morning and night.

It would appeal to our spiritual sight.

This garden is a work never ending.

Many hours of toil we’ll be spending.

To help it grow to a marvelous state.

Even without a garden gate.

For we know creation had not a garden gate.

But the Heavenly Father was in that estate.

Now He walks through our garden each morning and night.

And serenity becomes ours in His true light.

For the peace it has brought us deep in our hearts.

What awaits us in heaven and sets us apart.

Just knowing a garden up there now awaits.

When one day we walk through God’s garden gate.

This beautiful poem was sent to me by Cynthia McKee,

I use it with permission  for all to enjoy.

2 thoughts on “The Garden Beyond

  1. Dear Sonia, Sweet lady, I went searching for you today and here you are. So great to know you are still on the web. Tomorrow, when I get time I will visit and read the new things here. I was tickled to see my poem still here. It is actually painted on garden gates and in many homes as I’ve shared it with so many and even printed in newspaper and a large poetry book. I can’t wait to see all you have here. Hope this finds you well and enjoying all God has stored up for you! Big Hug~ Cynthia

    • Hi Cynthia,
      I’m so glad o hear from you, it’s been awhile.
      Yes I still have your lovely poem on my site, I get a lot of traffic on here so I kpow that it’s been see many times.Are you on Facebook? if so we should try to connect up.
      Take Care

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