Navajo Indian Multi-Colored Afghan

Best yarn is Red Heart 4-ply

black,red,gray and white but you can make up your own combinations. You will need: 8 oz. black 12 oz. red 12 oz. gray 12 oz. white for an afghan approx. 60×48 If you wish to make an afghan 72×52 you will need 8 oz. black 16 oz red 16 oz gray 16 oz. white Size I crochet hook.

NOTE: To make a beautiful afghan all one color, it takes 7- 8 oz. skeins of cream color. This looks as though it is embossed and is very pretty, 

NOTE: All single crochets ( sc) are made in back loop of stitches ( sts.) All double crochets( dc) are made in front loop of st in second row from one being worked on with the beginning of each row the chain is attached to the knot of the lower chain. ( left handers be sure to make a right-handed knot) Start with black for the border. chain 245 for the 60×48 afghan 285 for the 72×52. cut yarn. DON’T FORGET TO LEAVE A 4″ END FOR FRINGE!!

BLACK: Rows: 1 thru 5- single crochet (sc) in each st across with border color

Row: 6 sl st into 1st Sc, ch1,1 sc,sc in next sc, 1 dc, ( 19 sc 1 dc,) across end with 2 sc. The sc of the previous row (the one behind the dc) is left unworked.

RED- Row: 7- 3 sc, 1 dc, ( 17 sc, 1 dc, 1 sc, 1 dc ) across end with 3 sc.

Row: 8- 4 sc, 1 dc, ( 15 sc, 1 dc, 3 sc, 1 dc ) across end with 4 sc.

Row: 9- 5 sc, 1 dc, ( 13 sc, 1 dc, 5 sc, 1 dc ) across end with 5 sc. GRAY-

Row: 10- 6 sc, 1 dc, ( 11 sc, 1 dc, 7 sc, 1 dc ) across end with 6 sc.

Row: 11- 7 sc, 1 dc, ( 9 sc, 1 dc, 9 sc, 1 dc ) across end with 7 sc.

Row: 12- 8 sc, 1 dc, ( 7 sc, 1 dc, 11 sc, 1 dc ) across end with 8 sc.


WHITE- Row: 13- 9 sc, 1 dc, ( 5 sc, 1 dc, 13 sc, 1 dc, ) across end with 9 sc.

Row: 14- 10 sc, 1 dc, ( 3 sc, 1 dc, 15 sc, 1 dc, ) across end with 10 sc.

Row: 15- 11 sc, 1 dc, ( 1 sc, 1 dc, 17 sc, 1 dc, ) across end with 11 sc. BLACK-

Row: 16- 12 sc, 1 dc, (19 sc, 1 dc, ) across end with 12 sc. Repeat rows- 15, 14, 13. Repeat rows- 12, 11, 10. Repeat rows- 9, 8, 7. Repeat row- 6, then begin pattern again with row 7. When afghan reaches desired size, repeat rows 1 thru 5 with black after row 6 to complete your border. There will be seven rows of diamonds, or continue with pattern as long as you have yarn and end with the center black row and then put on border


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  1. Is there a smaller version for a child? You use 205 for 60×48 instead of the usual 245.
    I have trouble beginning the first 5 rows—I cannot figure where to place the hook with the piece of fringe.
    Also you state that you added 2 rows of sc on the starting chain side—are you saying rather than 5 rows of sc you have 7 rows of sc? Thanks, Ruth Opperman

    • HI Jessica,
      Thanks for visiting my website,
      at the beginning you start with black, this is the first border. then at the end you Put on black again this is the second border.
      Hope this helps.

  2. Yes, this is a very beautiful blanket – I have made one 🙂
    royal blue, white and black – it turned out awesome

    What I would like to know too is if there is a way to decrrease the pattern from the full size to the baby crib size?

    • perhaps you could try using baby yarn and a smaller hook. also decreasing the number of diamonds across. Try it and let me know how it works out.

  3. I love this blanket. I was recently in a play and the character I played was in a wheelchair. This blanket was on my lap and backstage I was trying to figure out how to make it but just couldn’t. So, thank you for sharing this pattern.

    Somehow, I am adding stitches as I progress and I can’t figure out where. I’m thinking it might be at the beginning of each row. I attache the yarn with a slip stitch in the first loop and then in the same loop I do a single crochet. Is this correct? I’m not really sure how to add the yarn at the beginning of each row. Do I just do a single crochet? Wouldn’t that eventually loosen and come undone?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Dinnis,
      I’m wondering if you are putting a single crochet in the stitch behind the long double crochet. This would increse you stitch count. Dont work the sc behind the long dc. Alsoin the beginning leave a 4 inch piece of yarn for fringe and attach your knot in the row below and sc inthe first stitch of the one you have just begun.
      Hope this helps.

  4. Thank you for your quick reply.

    Sorry if I’m a pain but I want to make sure I understand. I’m simply inserting yarn in the first stitch of the row before and tying a knot with my hand?

    Another question. I like to start my work by crocheting in the back bump of the base chain. Could I do this here or do you recommend keeping to the pattern and crochet in the back loop? This is only the first row after the base chain.

    This blanket seemed simple enough as long as you keep count. I just started crocheting in October and with each new pattern, I try challenging my skill level.

    Again, thank you for your help – Dennis

    • (I’m simply inserting yarn in the first stitch of the row before and tying a knot with my hand?) this is correct.

      (Another question. I like to start my work by crocheting in the back bump of the base chain. Could I do this here or do you recommend keeping to the pattern and crochet in the back loop? This is only the first row after the base chain.)I think you could do this, since the border is black I don’t think it will matter.
      If you have any more questions let me know. KKTHat’s what I’m here for.

  5. Re: your reply to dennis about the long dc – until you begin row 6 there are no dc. i cannot believe i am having so much trouble w/this border. chain 245 and sc in back loop of each and my edges are uneven. when i add a new row i slip stitch and yarn over and pull through which makes a knot, i think. is there anything you can add about this situation that may clarify? it sounds so simple – why doesn’t it work????? thanks!

    • Hi Martha,
      Thanks for visiting my website.
      I think the problem you’re having is when you make your first sc. Chin up 2 then put your hook into the same stitch rather then the next one.
      When you attach the 4″ fringe attach it to the stitch in the row below.
      I hope this helps. If you have anymore questions just let me know.

  6. Thank you for being so willing to answer questions. When you do the dc into the loop below the active row, do you insert the hook into the top or the bottom of the loop? Many thanks, kate

  7. Row: 6 -2 sc, 1 dc, ( 19 sc 1 dc,) across end with 2 sc. The sc of the previous row (the one behind the dc) is left unworked.
    I am reading the pattern to start the afghan, however I am having trouble with the problem of the above instructions. When you say the “one behind” do you mean the one prior to the dc or after you make the dc?
    Thank you in advance.

  8. CraftingGranny :0)

    Would you happen to know where I can find the original pattern number and who it was put out by or what magazine it originated at? I am trying to make some pillow covers that originally were done by my mother-in-law and now need replaced. If I can locate the original pattern there may be illustrations that would help answer my questions. I am stumped (LOL) on row 1…. how do you not turn to do your rows but make your first row starting from the original tail side?
    Thanks for any help 🙂

    • make your first row starting from the original tail side?
      this is right remember to leave a four inch tail for fringe
      If you need any more help just let me know.

    • no shelly I really don’t know I think it was a workbasket pattern
      for which I have permission to reprint the pattern.

  9. I just wanted to say I have made so many of these, the colors i used were different. They all came out awesome. Some I used just 3 colors some 4 colors. and some I think I used 2 colors. I printed up some of ones with different colors and just substituted the colors I was using ,. I am going to make my pries one using 3 colors, I have to decide how I will do this since I can’t find the pictures I had at one time. If you could help me out on this I would appreciate it. One is I have one whole diamond one color and in the middle of next diamond I use the same color, then I use the other 2 colors ..

    • HI Sylvia,
      Thanks for visiting my site. I am not quite sure what it is you are asking for, I need a little more information in order to answer your question.

  10. I’ve done the 7 bright colors with black and white. My new favorite is Double Navaho in one solid color. The diamonds stand out beautifully in a off-white, light or bright color. Doing lap robes for a friend they came out very rich looking. I tried it in a baby blanket and the ends didn’t line up… just counting wrong somewhere, I will try again. My golden was trying to help at the time 8?).

  11. Crafting Granny, this is gorgeous!! Thank you for reposting it! I cannot wait to try it. My sister is in love with anything and everything Native American, and I think this would be a great couch afghan. 🙂

    • Hi Andie,
      Thanks for visiting my website. I too like anything Native American, I’m Cherikoee. this makes up in a lot of different colors also and your right it does make a nice couch afghan.
      Happy Crocheting!!

  12. Oh my gosh, this pattern is the exact one that my husbands late mother used to make a blanket! He said she made it but between you and me I didn’t believe it was handmade b/c it looks like such an intricate weave and I was sure it must’ve been machine made. Guess I have to eat crow now! : ) But I am so happy to have found this pattern b/c now I can make it up to her by crocheting one of my own and surprising my husband at the same time! We’ll have a matched set! Thanks so much for posting this. I love, love, love the story about Ernestine. My Grandmother was always crocheting. She couldn’t afford yarn so we would bring her skeins and our ends to use for multicolored blankets. When she passed we found a pile of her work that is so cherished now that she can’t make them anymore. It’s so wonderful to be able to carry on that tradition of making something so beautiful with your own two hands. The craft as well as the pieces are truly priceless.
    Thanks again for posting this!

  13. I have had this pattern since my daughter was young ( now 30+) and have made several different sizes from placemat or pillow and crib to king size. It is a beautiful pattern with infinite color combinations. The pattern is a multiple of 20 plus 5 stitches. If you know the gauge of the wool and hook you are using, you can make any size you need by changing the number of stitches to get the size you want. For example: if your guage is 5 sc = 1 inch, 60 sc +5 (65) would be 13 inches, 120 sc + 5 would be 25 inches Do a test square of 25 sc (one pattern plus each end st) for about 10 rows and measure the width to calculate how many st you will need. Everyone crochets differently. My mom crochets looser than I do, so she uses less stitches to achieve the same length. The only difference in my pattern is that there isn’t any knot at the beginning as you tie the fringes together as you go along so there is no concerns about it coming apart.

  14. Mary-Ann, when you say you tie the fringes together as you go along, do you mean you tie two together, then the next two together?

  15. This pattern has been passed down two generations in my husband’s family. It is the only crochet pattern they’ve worked. I think there’s almost 20 different ones, each different sizes and color combinations. It makes a sturdy and durable blanket. My favorite was in baby pink solid in Caron Simply Soft yarn.
    I’m glad to find this pattern as the written instructions have long since disappeared. I’ve saved it in my Ravelry library in case our family needs more in the future.

  16. Row: 6 sl st into 1st Sc, ch1,1 sc,sc in next sc, 1 dc, ( 19 sc 1 dc,) across end with 2 sc. The sc of the previous row (the one behind the dc) is left unworked.) when you get to this particular row what does it mean when it says behind the dc? I am stuck on that part

  17. Thank you for posting this. I love it. I will try it but I’m working on 3 children’s sweaters right now. It does look kind of hard. I like all the responses you got too.

  18. I have a new grandbaby on h way and want to do this version for a baby afghan. I have made several of these for adults but need a pattern for a baby. Thanks for your help-

  19. my mom (god rest her soul) she taught this pattern to me, almost 30 years ago. I had her pattern and lost it, so I tried to do from memory, (Lol) but that was back when they didn’t have computers to search for help. thank you for helping me remember. stay safe

  20. Thank you for posting this pattern. I’ve been looking for it for a very long time. My mother made this afghan for me before I left for college in 1981. And later started one in shades of blue for my father when he was diagnosed with cancer in 1989. He passed before it was done and she never finished it. She passed in 1997 and I never got her pattern. It wasn’t written down anywhere, just worked from her memory. I thought it lost to time. Though I’ll not try to finish her work on my father’s afghan, I intend to make one of my own in memory of them both. Thank you.

  21. I am making this for the first time and it is very pretty. However, my right side is perfectly straight and the left one is angling in and out with the diamond pattern though I am following the stitch counts as indicated. Not sure what I am going to do about this or why it seems to be happening only to me from the other comments. Any thoughts? Thanks!

    • Hi Geneva,
      Thanks for visiting my website.
      As for the afghan, The only thing I can think to tell you without seeing it is to make sure that you have two sc in the first stitch.

  22. Thank you for your reply. Now that I am further along I have figured out that somehow I have added one extra diamond pattern and that the left fringe side has now evened out. I think I can fill in the first pattern at the end when I get done somehow. Hope so! Thank you again. I am using black, blue, coffee, gray, and white. Looks very pretty. I will solve this and make more of this type afghan. Love it!

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  24. Beautiful! Can’t wait to start. It’s for my soon to be baby cousin. Don’t know the sex yet, doesn’t matter though. This will be the for Wilma Mankillers great niece or nephew. Thank you for the pattern! Blessings!

  25. Hi I love this afghan and would love to make one but reading patterns is not my strong suit. Have you ever thought about doing a video tutorial of his pattern on YouTube? I have searched and no one has done one and this is a beautiful pattern. My Aunt use to make them but she has since passed away and I would love to make one in her memory. Thanks Linda

    • I agree with Linda — I am SO pattern challenged — you should definitely make a video for us crochet newbies!!

  26. Thank you so much for this pattern. I have been looking for it for a while. I made several of them in the past but lost the pattern and didn’t realize that I had until my Aunt asked for it. Now I can give it to her.

  27. I have been searching for this pattern for ages. I’m new to crochet, but have several of these afghans in my family and have wanted to crochet one on my own! My aunt will be thrilled that I found this pattern too! Thank you!

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  29. What a surprise to visit your site .
    There I was welcomed with music ! Great fun ! Thanks
    Grts. Marja

  30. How do you work with the fringe? I’ve never tried to do a fringe before. So when you say “leave a 4″ tail…”, does this mean you cut the yarn after? Or do you measure 4″ and then start the next row, resulting in a huge loop?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Shelby,
      Thanks for visiting my website. As for the fringe, you leave a 4″ tail then do a slip knot,and continue the pattern. Each row is started from the front.
      Leave a 4 inch end of yarn at beginning and end of rows for fringe. At the beginning of each row the chain is attached to the knot of the lower chain. ( left handers be sure to make a right-handed knot)
      hope this helps

          • I would rather not have the 4 inch fringe at ends. if this is possible any suggestions what to watch for …do I still need to start back at the same end all the time…so the pattern works out…thanks for your help
            There are 3 ladies in my sewing club working on this and we are interested in your reply…

          • Hi Heather,
            Thanks for visiting my website. As for you question, If you don’t want the fringe you can crochet over the starting piece of yarn. Yes you need to begin each row with the front facing you for the pattern to come out right.

  31. Has a video for this pattern been developed yet? I am having so much trouble. I think I have correctly completed rows 1-6 it’s from there that I need help

    • HI Rosanne,
      I’m sorry that I’m just now answering your post. I have tried to think of a way to help you understand the pattern, but just can’t come up with an answer. The only thing I can suggest is that you read the pattern stitch by stitch and keep repeating it till you get it. Some patterns you just have to do this. I hope this helps.

  32. After you have the chain worked on and its facing you. Which side do I work row 1 ? from right side working to the left then row 3 from right to left or how.. I am confused.. I made this afghan years ago and I forget.. I know the front is always facing you… Thank You

    • Do not turn work. Leave a 4 inch end of yarn at beginning and end of rows for fringe. At the beginning of each row the chain is attached to the knot of the lower chain. ( left handers be sure to make a right-handed knot) Start with black for the border. chain 245 for the 60×48 afghan 285 for the 72×52. cut yarn. DON’T FORGET TO LEAVE A 4″ END FOR FRINGE!!

  33. Hi my name is Karen, I am Left handed and my mother is right handed. When I was about 13 I ask her to teach me how to crochet. She said I’m going to have to sit in front of you to teach you how. I said ok. She first taught me the Single which is just chains. Then she taught me how to double crochet. Didn’t take long. I was making Afghan after Afghan. It became something to do to pass time. She made this Navajo Afghan for our couch. Way back in the Early 80’s I replicated later in my 30’s I am now 5 months short of 50 and am glad That i found it on here because I m going to make it for my bed. May I post Picture of it when I am done.

    • yes Karen, I would be glad to see your handiwork. just so happens that I’m left handed also and was taught by my mother to crochet just as yours did. I started crocheting at the age of nine and I am now 77 and still get excited when I find a new pattern to try.

  34. Hello from Utah. I am 78 and have made several afghans from this pattern. One of my sons preferred red & black due to being color blind. When I found this pattern I was thrilled and he loves his afghan still after close to 40 years! I did finally find a copy of my original pattern and it was called Indian Trails! I think that is because of the way the pattern makes trails throughout the blanket. I am planning on making a few more of these for grandchildren! I do have a question though. I can’t remember if I crocheted the chain and fastened it off with a tail and then did row 1 on that chain. I like the idea of tying the tails together to help it to hold together, but I don’t remember having any problems with it coming apart anyway. Thanks for sharing this beautiful pattern.

  35. Hi, I’m trying to crochet this Navajo Diamond blanket but when I get to roll 6, I end up with like 8 sc at the end instead of 2. I have counted and recounted and it still comes out with more stitches at the end of roll six. I’m on my 5th time of froging rolls 1 thru 6. Should I just give up?

    • Dear Brenda,
      I have tried to figure what you are doing wrong. Check out this sentence (the one behind the dc) is left unworked. could this be your problem that you are picking up the dc that is supposed to be left unworked? let me know if you figure it out.

  36. Thank you for the great site. I have made the afghan before using this exact pattern. How would I like to use only two colors, can you suggest how I can alternate without messing up the pattern.
    Thank You,

    • Dear Nancy,
      I have tried to figure out how to use just to colors,but I think that would mess up the pattern I would suggest that you experiment with some scrap yarn and see what you come up with. Let me know if it works out.

      • Thank you so much for the reply. I did start the pattern (sample version) and will see what happens. I have been crocheting for a long time however only try the very simple patterns.
        Thank you for the great site. I will share it with all my “yarn” friends.

    • Hi Wanda, My patterns are free. To print them off there are three small dots in the top right hand corner click on them and a drop down menu will appear scroll down to print and click on it.

  37. I’ve tried and tried to make this pattern but can’t seem to figure it out. The stitches in each row don’t equal 245. When I add up the stitches at the beginning of the row with the single crochets at the end the number of stitches that should be in between is not a multiple of 20. So I consistently get to the end of a row and don’t have enough stitches left to make the single crochets that are supposed to go at the end of the row. For instance on row 7, I follow the instructions given and only have room for one single crochet at the end of the row instead of the 3 called for (4 stitches at the beginning of the row before the repeat + 3 stitches at the end after the pattern equals 7. When I subtract 7 from 245 that is 238 …. so how can I have repeats of 20 stitches in between when this isn’t divisible by 20?). Hope I’m making this clear enough. I know there has to be something I’m missing since so many people have successfully made this pattern. Please help!

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