Rainbow Afghan Pattern

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Rainbow Afghan Pattern


AVERAGE: For those with some experience

 are given for an afghan measuring 48″ wide x 64″ long


 Any 4 ply worsted weight yarn: 48 ounces of white (A),

8 ounces each of red (B), orange (C), yellow (D),

 lime green (E), turquoise (F),med. blue (G) and lavender (H)

 crochet hook, size H, or any size hook to obtain gauge below;

 tapestry needle.

GAUGE: 4 sc =1″; 4 rows = 1″. Each full fan = 15″ wide( at widest point )x8″deep

 (from point to opposite edge).

NOTE: Afghan is made up of 38 full fans and

14 half fans that are sewen together afterwards.

FULL FAN: (make 35 multi-colored and 3 white):

Starting at bottom point with A, ch 2,

ROW 1: Sc in second ch from hook.ch 1 turn. hereafter

 ch 1, turn at end of each row, unless otherwise stated.

ROW 2: (right side) ; 3 sc in sc.

ROW 3: 2 sc in first sc–inc. made; sc in next sc, 2 sc in last sc–inc. made—5 sc.

 ROWS: 4-11:continue increasing in first and last sc until there are 21 sc.

ROW 12: 2 sc in first sc* sc in each of the next 4 SC, 2 SC in next SC; rep from 3 times more—26sc.

ROW 13: Sc in each sc across. Ch 3(counts as 1 dc of next row), turn.

ROW 14: Dc in first sc and in each sc across to within last sc, 2 dc in last sc—28 dc. Ch 1, turn.

ROW 15: sc in each dc across—28 sc. Ch 3, turn.

NOTE: to work a popcorn stitch (pcn st): 5 dc in same st, drop loop from hook, insert hook in first dc of the 5 dc group and draw dropped loop through, ch 1 to secure.

ROW 16: ( pcn st row) Pcn st in first sc* dc in next sc pcn st in next sc; rep from * across, ending with dc in last sc—14 pcn sts. Fasten off.

ROW 17: with wrong side facing attach B to first st, sc in each st across (including ch 1 at top of pcn st)—43 sc.

ROW 18: with B sc in each sc across. At end of this row change to C as follows: work last sc of row until there are 2 loops on hook, drop B yo with C and draw through 2 loops on hook. Ch 1 , turn. Fasten off. Here after change colors in this way.

ROW 19: with C 2 sc in first sc, sc in each sc across to last sc 2 sc in last sc—45 sc.

ROW 20: with C sc in each sc across. At end of this row change to D.

ROWS 21-30: Rep rows 19 and 20 working in the following color sequence:

 2 rows ea of D, E, F, G, and H. At end of row 30 change to A.

ROW 31: With A rep row 19—57 sc. Ch 3, turn.

ROW 32: Skip first sc*pcn st in next sc, dc in next sc; rep from * across ending with dc in last sc—28 pcn sts. Fasten off.

HALF FAN: 1 (make 7) : Starting at bottom point with A, ch2.

Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook. Ch 1, turn. Hereafter ch 1,turn at end of each row, unless otherwise stated.

ROW 2(right side) 2 sc in sc. Note: increases are made on left side edge only

ROW 3: 2 sc in first sc–inc made on left side edge–3 sc.

ROW 4: Sc in each sc to within last sc, 2 sc in last sc —– inc made on left side edge —– 4 sc

ROWS 5-12; rep rows 3 and 4 until there are 13 sc.

ROW 13: Sc in each sc across. Ch 3, turn. ch 3 counts as 1 dc of next row, turn.

 ROW 14: Skip first sc, dc in each sc across to within last sc,

2 dc in last sc–inc made on left side edge–14 dc. Ch 1, turn.

ROW 15: Sc in each dc across. Ch 3, turn.

ROW 16: ( pcn st row): Rep row 16 as for full fan—7 pcn sts.

 Fasten off A; turn.

 ROW 17: With B rep row 17 as for full fan–22 sc. Ch 2, turn.

ROWS 18-31 Rep rows 18-31 as for full fan in the same color sequence—29 sc, increasing on left side edge only. Ch 3, turn.

ROW 32: Rep row 32 as for full fan—14 pcn sts. Fasten off A .

 Pin together with large safety pin and set aside.

HALF FAN 2: ( make 7) Work same as half fan 1, increasing on right side edge only.

 Pin together and set aside.

BLOCKING: Pin each fan to measurements on a padded surface: cover with a damp cloth and allow to dry; do not press.

 ASSEMBLY: With right side up,invert the 3 white fans so that last pcn st row is at bottom edge of afghan. Select the multi-colored fans of row 2( half fan 2, two full fans and half fan 1) sew them to Row 1 with right side up, along adjoining edges working through back loops only of each st.. In the same way, sew the 3 multi-colored fans of row 3 in between the fans of row 2. Rep rows 2 and 3, six times more, joining each fan to the previous row. I didn’t like how the sides looked when I got it finished so I did a row of sc then a row of popcorn sitches.  You will need an exta skein of white yarn to do this.  It’s a lot more work to finish it this way but the end result is beautiful.  Also I whipped stitched blocks together to assemble.


41 thoughts on “Rainbow Afghan Pattern

  1. I saw this pattern for sale in a magazine many, many (20?) years ago. Had never been able:-) to find it since, so I was so surprised to see it on Pinterest. Thank you so much for sharing it for free.

  2. I made this pattern as a wedding present for my college roommate in 1986 – 1987. I loved it but over the years lost the pattern. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. My mother made this afghan for me when I was a little girl…it was my favorite! I’m 33 now, and the original has long since disappeared. I’m so excited to be able to make my own!

  4. Is the pattern 48 oz of yarn or 4-8 oz balls of yarn??
    I love the pattern I just dont know where to get 48 oz of yarn from!!

    • Hi Louise, Thanks for visiting my website.
      Yes this pattern is beautiful,you should not have any trouble with the pattern . just go slow and follow the instructions exactly and you will be fine.
      If you need additional help just let me know.

  5. I began this afghan many years ago, and have about 10+ of the fans done.
    Would anyone be interested in having those?
    Please know these were done when I first started to crochet any are far from perfect.

  6. My pattern that I cut out of Family Circle magazine over 25 years ago is so worn I can barely read it. I have made at least 8 of these afghans experimenting with different shades of rainbow colors. Every one is unique and gorgeous. I found one in the closet that needed to be put together. Now I think I will make two more for my teenage granddaughters. Thanks for the instructions. Now I can print out a clear copy.

  7. I think that this is a afghan that I seen at the Mesa Co,CO county fair one year back in mid to late 80’s. I have never been able to find it. Thank goodness for people putting on google.


  8. Thank you so much for posting this! I have found my summer project for this year. No doubt that, once finished, this afghan will make me smile for years to come. I have a feeling my 7-year-old daughter will try and confiscate the finished product, though. ( :

  9. Hello, I started this afghan many years ago and tried putting it together so many times without much luck. Perhaps someone would be able to tell me what stitches are used and how to go about joining them. thanks,

    • Dear Bernice,
      Thanks for visiting my web site. It just so happens that I am working on a rainbow afghan now.
      I find the easiest way to join the pieces together is with a yarn needle and just use the whip stitch.
      If you will follow the diagram at the bottom of the page that will help also.
      Hope this is the information you were looking for.

  10. Just saw this afghan at our county Fair…it was beautifully done and took a blue ribbon of course! It is definitely on my “Knotty Grandma’s” To-Do list!

  11. I’m wondering if there’s a mistake in the pattern or if I’m misunderstanding.

    For the Half Fan:

    “ROW 3: 2 sc in first sc–inc made on left side edge–3 sc.

    ROW 4: Sc in each sc to within last sc, 2 sc in last sc —– inc made on left side edge —– 4 sc

    ROWS 5-12; rep rows 3 and 4 until there are 13 sc.

    ROW 13: Sc in each sc across. Ch 3, turn. ch 3 counts as 1 dc of next row, turn.”

    At the end of Row 4 I’m supposed to have 4 single crochets and the pattern continues with the one increase per row until Row 12. So at the end of Row 12 shouldn’t there only be 12 sc? Unless the next increase is in Row 13 but isn’t specified? The clarification would be great. Thank you. Other than this I haven’t had any problems with the pattern so far and it’s been fun.

    • Hi Amanda,
      Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. My site has been down. I’m wondering if you are also counting the chain one in the beginning this may be where you are having a problem. try counting your chain up and let me know if that solves you problem.

      • I had the same issue – I laid it out on paper and the result is the same as Amanda’s. If continue as pattern states the dc increase is on the wrong side. Therefore I just did 2 sc in the first stitch on the thirteenth row and things worked out. If there is another way of looking at this please let us know. Thanks

  12. This is a stunning blanket and pattern . I’m new to crochet and was wondering do you have a stich diagram I can follow I’m still learning to read patterns and this way seems to help me understand .
    I really hope you could help me as I just love this pattern it’s AMAIZING and want to make in for my self.

    • Hi Pj,
      Thanks for visiting my site and your kind words. I’m sorry to say there is no stitch diagram for this pattern.
      When you are reading the pattern check first your abbreviations chart. then watch carefully for the commas in the pattern. If you need any further help just ask and I will try to help you understand the pattern.

      • I had this pattern and was doing it, but lost the pattern in the move. the box that it was in was ripped open when It arrived. I was so sad because I couldn’t finish it now I can thank you so much. I really love this pattern.

  13. Hi there. I love this pattern! I’ve done 4 rainbows now but when I lay them together they don’t seem to fit. The way I read the pattern is that you only increase on the first row of each new colour (except colour b, where you don’t increase at all. But this means that the sides of my fan don’t come down to meet the top of the rainbow next to it. Does that make sense? Will it be okay when I sew it together? Or is it deliberately like this to make it more textured overall? I did try increasing every colour row instead but then it curved down too much! I look forward to hearing from you!

    • Hi Helen,
      Thanks for visiting my website.
      As for the afghan, when you are making the full fans, there are increases on both sides.
      Its only on the half fans that the increases are on one side or the other. the half fans fill in the spaces on each side to make the afghan straight on both sides.
      Hope this helps.

  14. Sorry, not sure I worded my question right. I’m increasing one stitch both sides, but only on alternate rows. So first row of colour c, then first row of colour d and so on. I think I’ve fixed it by increasing on row 18, and again on the second row of colour d and the second row of colour g :-) I have no idea why my edges required extra increases to match the curve of the rainbow, but hey ho, I got there in the end! Thanks for posting this beautiful pattern for free :-)

  15. My daughter started this around 1986. In her troubled life she lost the pattern. She passed away from Cancer in 2007. Now that I have found it I shall make 3 of them, one for her daughter and one for her son as well as one for her granddaughter. Thank you for giving us this treasure.

    • Dear Carol,
      Thank you for visiting my website. I’m so happy that you found this pattern. I know it means a lot to you and I’m glad I could be a part of it. Let me know how it turns out.
      Happy Crocheting!!

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