Senior Citizens Lament

Everything is farther then it used to be.

It is twice as far to the corner and I notice a hill has been added

I gave up running for the bus, it leaves sooner than it used to.They are making stairs steeper then they used to and I notice  smaller print in the newspapers.

There is no use asking people to read to you, everyone speaks in such low voice I can hardly hear them.

The material in dresses is so skimpy, especially around the waist and hips. People are changing – they look much younger then they used to when I was their age.

I ran into an old school mate the other day, she had aged so much she didn’t recognize me, guess is also because of the skincare I’m used to, I’ve always taken care of my skin and recently .

I got to thinking about the poor thing and while I was combing my hair I glanced at my reflection in the mirror,they sure don’t make mirrors like they used to either.

You know I have four men in my life now,

                         1 – I go around with Charley Horse

                         2 – I eat with Will Power

                         3 – I spend the day with Arthur Ritis

                         4 – And I go to bed with  Ben Gay

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