The Little House Out Back


by Dave Keacher

Among my childhood memories,

One thing I can’t forget:

That’s the little house out back

I seem to see it yet.

Out there beyond the lilac bush

It stood so drab and bare.

We never called it “bathroom”

For no baths were taken there.

In the summer there were hornets

And in winter it was cold:

But it still seemed quite attractive

To the young and to the old.

It wasn’t much to look at,

As you might already know:

But it served a useful purpose

For the ones who had to go.

Though many years have come and gone

I gladly would go back,

And enjoy, once more the comfort

Of the little house out back.

4 thoughts on “The Little House Out Back

  1. Hello! I have been trying to hunt down this poem for years. Thank you for posting it. Do you know if anyone is still selling posters or wall hangings with this poem on it? A plaque with it hung on my in-laws cabin and we were just talking this Thanksgiving about how funny it was and how much we miss it. Thanks.

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