Cooking Tips

Here are some cooking tips I have learned over the years. I will keep adding to this page as I think of them


1. When you are flouring meat, lay a piece of wax paper on your counter  add your salt and pepper, flour your meat. When you are finished, just roll up the wax paper and you will have little or no mess to clean up.

2.When  you fry chicken, always use enough grease that the chicken is covered half way,

make sure that  the grease is hot enough that the chicken starts to fry as soon as you put it in the skillet. An iron skillet and medium heat produces the best results.

Always use a lid this helps to steam the chicken as it fries.  Let the chicken cook until you see the brown around the edges. Turn the chicken over with tongs do not stick a fork into the meat

this releases the juices. Continue to cook the chicken untill it is brown on the other side. Only turning it once.

Want to jazz up canned veggies? Drain off the juice,add to sauce pan with a pat of butter salt and pepper to taste.

when doing green beans I add a little  onion powder along with the butter, salt and pepper.

when doing corn I always add a little sugar along with the salt and pepper and butter . It makes it taste like sweet corn on the cob.

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