My Family




Tex and Toni

Church Photo Of Me


Dom & Grandma


My Husband and Me


Wm. & Martha Payton
my paternal Grandparents


Evan & Judy Bryan my sister
and Brother-in-Law


Julia Payton My Mom


Henry Payton My Dad


Amber my granddaughter

Amber and Dom’s wedding day

My Brother Charles

4 thoughts on “My Family

  1. Granny,

    You are a very talented and beautiful person and most important you are a child of the KIng. I am thoroughly enjoying your website. You have a lovely family.


  2. Craft Granny,
    Thank you for sharing your family, with us the pictures are so nice, it is nice to know how much you like to help other people ,and i am sure it is all in the lord’s hands what you do.
    Will be stopping by your web site more often, now that I know where your web site is.
    Love and Prayers

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