The Old Man


Did you ever see an old man walking down the street

With a dog at his heels and dust on his feet

With a gleem in his eye  and a pole on his shoulder

He gets a little wiser as he grows older

His earthly abode is a house by the road

where he is a friend to man

With a smile here and a handshake there

helping whenever he can

His heart is as good as gold it’s true

With malis or hate toward none

He’s lived his lonely long life through

Now his work here on earth is done

He’s had his sorrow and his strife

His cross he bore, though it was great

Soon he will leave this mortal life

His goal; to reach that pearly gate

Then he’ll work and slave no more

For all his has hardships will be o’re

He’ll abide in a mansion, on streets paved of gold

And he’ll live forever and never grow old.

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