Knitted Slippers


Materials list: 1 skein worsted weight yarn (4 oz. or 2 -3 1/2 oz skeins) 1 Pr # 9 knitting needles

Using 2 strands of yarn held together (one from each end of skein ). leaving an 18″ tail, cast on 29 sts.

Row 1 : knit each stitch

Row 2: k 9, p1, k9, P1, k9 repeat rows 1& 2 for 25 ridges (2 rows make a ridge). Or 1 1/2″ less than foot length.


Next Row: k1, p1, across row

Next Row: p1,k1, across row

Repeat for 11 rows when complete, wind yarn over end of needle with knitted piece on it. With your fingers slip stitches one at a time over this yarn, this will create a loop. When all sts are on this loop, cut yarn, leaving about 18″ slip end of yarn thru this loop and pull, and to make the soles perfect This will draw up stitches to form toe. Fold slipper right sides together and with a G hook, slip stitch toe for about 4 ridges. Slip stitch heel in same manner using yarn tail at beginning. Add pom pom to front of toe. This pattern can be adjusted for size using smaller needles and 27 sts instead of 29 which is adult size.


4 thoughts on “Knitted Slippers

  1. Dear Crafting Granny,

    I have made several pairs of the knitted slippers over the years. It is always a well received gift. To make them extra special, I use eyelash yarn. The finished product looks like fuzzy fur feet! Thank you so much for your pattern and wonderful website.
    God Bless, Marma Bambi

    • Dear Marma,

      Thank you for visiting my website

      I’m so glad you like the slipper pattern. Before the eyelash yarn came along we used to make the slippers with worsted weight yarn then take a brush and make them fuzzy like that.
      Thanks for the suggestion.
      Happy Crocheting
      Sonja aka Craftingranny

  2. Hi Sonia, Just dropping by. I had both my hands operated on so I am now knitting again. Wasn’t sure if I’d ever be able to use my hands for crafts, knitting and quilting. But, so far so good. Carpal tunnel… you may know what I am talking about. So I hope this finds you well. I am making slippers from your site for my hubby. He is ready for a new pair. Take care and thanks for always being here. Hugs ~ Cynthia

    • HI Cynthia,
      I’m so glad to hear from you. I also had carpal tunnel a number of years ago. It will take a bit but you will be able to do everything again. I was about in the same situation I had cataract surgery a year ago in April so I wasn’t sure if I could see to quilt but I’ve tried everything I used to do and I can still do it. Are you on facebook if so try to hook up with me. That would make me very happy!
      Take care and God bless.

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