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Afghan Cross StitchingWhen cross stitching on an afghan, I use 2 ply yarn to do the cross stitching. It makes for less bulk.

Blocking Doilies

Eliminate tedious blocking of handmade doilies by dipping them into thick starch and smoothing them on a glassy surface to dry.

Bobbin Winding

When winding your bobbin, run the machine slowly. This allows the thread to wind smoother.

Candle Tip

To prevent candles from smoking and make them last longer too, coat them with soap suds by rolling them between well lathered hands–but don’t touch the wick. Let them dry before lighting.

Clipping Yarn

When clipping your thread end while quilting, lay your scissors blade sideways next to the thread and “saw ” the thread rather then clipping it, This prevents nipping of the material. ( ask me how I know this).

Lint Remover

I keep an old toothbrush in my sewing machine drawer to brush the lint from my bobbin case.

Pattern Reinforcement

If you will put fusible interfacing on the back of your patterns it will keep them from tearing and they will last longer.

Pin Cushion Idea

To make a wonderful needle holder, cover a ball of fine steel wool with a piece of fabric. The steel wool keeps the needles in excellent condition.

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