Craftingranny’s No Diet Diet

First off I want to state that in my opinion, the best diet is NO DIET!!

After all it’s not WHAT you eat it’s how much, also using a natural appetite stimulant helps. Eat anything you want, just gradually cut down on the amount each week.

Here are some tip that might help you:

First 2 weeks cut your portions by 1/4th till you stomach gets used to that amount of food.

Second 2 weeks cut your portions by half.

Drink a glass of water before each meal. This will help to fill your stomach so that it doesn’t require so much food .

Try to eat at the same time each day, this way your system gets hungry at this time everyday.

Eat a small breakfast or lunch about 10:00 am then a sensible supper.

ut 2 hours after supper have a snack. This way your body doesn’t feel deprived, which causes you to go off your diet.

Try to avoid Fat free foods all they do is make you feel like you’ve just eaten 6 pieces of cardboard and leaves you wanting something with real taste.
If you go out with friends and want to pig out on pizza, that’s OK, just eat light for supper.

Spread your food out over the day rather then eating it all in one meal

If your good at counting calories, try to keep it at 2000 per day.

After awhile you will know automatically about how much food to eat.

If you have a regular time to walk or exercise, keep up with it.

Happy No Dieting!!!

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